9 Fashion Brands to Watch From February's Coterie and MAGIC Trade Shows

Ready-to-wear, jewelry and accessory brands included Bonnie Clyde, Halfdays, Unreal Fur and Fairchild Baldwin.
Fairchild Baldwin
Founder: Jill Fairchild

Background: Fairchild Baldwin began more than 10 years ago. Fairchild started with a condensed handbag collection, winning the emerging designer award from the Accessory Council, and lately, the brand's earrings, which complement its trademark necklaces, have been getting traction.

"My mission when turning out any collection is to create designs that not only adorn the wearer but also evoke a sense of creativity, passion and individuality," Fairchild, daughter of longtime WWD editorial director and publisher John Fairchild, said. "In short, to invite the beholder to embrace the beauty of art and design in a wearable form."

The 2024 earring collection is vibrant, with diverse designs handcrafted in mixed media ranging from intricate beading and crochet to horn and lacquer, and hammered metal pieces. "Each earring is a unique piece of art, showcasing the skill and creativity of the artisan, she said. As a woman-owned company Fairchild takes pride in collaborating with women's livelihood communities for research and production, she said.

Key Styles: Drops, clusters, hoops, studs and dangles.
Camila Cabello wearing Fairchild Baldwin Choker