Meet Jill Fairchild, the force behind Fairchild Baldwin, a women's fashion brand redefining contemporary luxury with handcrafted accessories. As the daughter of W magazine founder John Fairchild, Jill's journey began with global shopping guides and consulting for top fashion brands. Today, she leads Fairchild Baldwin, the Emerging Designers Award winner.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Jill recognized the need for contemporary luxury accessories. Fairchild Baldwin's handbags gained recognition, her necklaces captivated the market, and the brand expanded with earrings and bracelets. Italy's influence is evident in the brand's craftsmanship and unique resin bead cocktail. Discover designs that evoke contemporary luxury with a focus on versatility, rich leathers, multifunctional components, and quality. At Fairchild Baldwin, confident women make style statements.